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English junk food

We were in Gt Yarmouth this morning, walking on the beach with our lovely dog Muumi. What a beautiful morning, and we were all enjoying the beauty of the place and of the morning and beach. We saw this beautiful beach café where you can sit outside and have a coffee, or a breakfast was what we had in mind. Andrew ordered cheese on toast and bacon on toast naturally. I felt like having a porridge, as it’s often what I have in the morning and it makes me feel good. But no porridge on the menu, so I thought that veggie burger sounded good? It sounded good because I have had a wonderful veggie burger in Chamonix, France, in a place called MBC, and I was almost expecting something similar. Although I should not have been that blue-eyed.. come on, in England? What I got was the most horrible burger ever! I was super hungry and still couldn’t finish it but had to give it to Muumi, who of course enjoyed it as she eats anything.

The burger was industrially made, tasted industrial, it came with white bun and a bit of salad. And french fries of course. What a huge disappointment. It made me wonder why almost every time I try to eat out, (unless it’s a very good restaurant) all I get is  junk. It’s so bad I can’t even call it food. Why is everyone satisfied with this kind of food? I had been away from home for 24 hours, and had not been able to eat healthy or even anything that tasted good. Most of the pub food and take aways are so bad that I feel like I can’t leave home anymore as the best food is what I make myself. The worst thing what happened after eating this junk food was that we had to drive back home, 5 hours, and the “food” made me very tired. Food is supposed to give you energy, but this kind of food just made me very tired and sleepy, and driving was a big effort. Why can’ I get healthy proper food when I travel? I could go on and on about this subject as it makes me so angry. Think about airports and airplanes – all you get is junk. In the airplane the only thing I can have is herbal tea and peanuts. All the rest they have to offer is not edible. Why can’t they sell at least apples?

Yes, Andrew already got tired listening me moaning about this subject in the car, after spending money to buy this food, then not eating it, and then complaining about it. I understand that, but when do the pubs and cafeteria’s etc understand we want food that actually tastes good?

Anyway, here is a salad I made, which was wonderful. Not a very good picture as I was so hungry that I had no time to arrange it on the plate to make it look better 😉 But the taste was great and above all it was very very healthy.

It consists of asparagus, kale, spinach, almonds, tofu cubes, cucumber, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and balsamic vinegar.




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I just can’t continue my blog without showing my dress that I loved. My life has been so busy just before and after the wedding that today is the first day I am sitting by my computer and been going through all the emails from the past couple of weeks or more. I must say that I am the happiest girl in the world, and I hope nothing will ever change this. 🙂

I guess I should show my husband as well as he was so super handsome in his Scottish outfit. I chose this picture as Muumi dog is so funny getting bored already.

There will be a wedding album soon in address: www.flickr.com/photos/andywalker1/

Also, many many thanks to my maid of honour Tiina, you did a wonderful job! And of course to everyone who was there with us to celebrate this beautiful day.

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