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Crochet Baby Cocoon

I have always liked knitting, from time to time, especially in the winter time. I make socks and scarfs, sometimes even made a jumper. I seem to get excited doing something, then start and work on it for awhile, and then forget it again. Now, when I am supposed to be studying for a big exam I have in less than two weeks time, I am hooked on learning to Crochet!  It all started because I found this wonderful website, which is full of handmade stuff, and I could have bought oh so many things from there, but thankfully was able to restrict myself. But after finding things done in crochet way, and especially when I saw beautiful baby cocoons, (which I never knew existed before) I thought to myself that hey, I could make those! And perhaps even sell them online! So now I have watched YouTube videos of how to crochet, read blogs and of course ordered some yarn and I am ready to start! … and back to studying… Maybe I can do both at the same time? 😉 I found some lovely alpaca yarn from here.

What is a baby cocoon? Check here.

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