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So I have wanted to get Oscar Juicer for a long time now – after I found out that normal centrifuge juicers won’t preserve the enzymes of the vegetables. As I juice every day, I wanted to get all the possible goodness out of my juicing. And got the juicer for my birthday that was a few days ago – am so happy thank you dear Andrew my husband!! 🙂

This juicer not only retains living enzymes and extracts maximum vitamins but you can also make pasta, noodles, baby foods and nut butters with it! I have to start experiencing with it now.

The first juice I made (in the picture) was with ingredients that I found from  my fridge, and I always put everything I have in it to make it as healthy as possible 😀

This one had:

big bag of watercress






It tasted very healthy but also very good! Watercress especially is good for you, it has significant amounts of iron, calcium and folic acid,  in addition to vitamins A and C. I also read that it is believed help to prevent lung cancer! (and lung cancer is the number 1 cancer for males in the UK, breast cancer for women) And as my husband still smokes, and it makes me worried, so more watercress will be added in my juices!


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