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Happy New Year to everyone! I have read a lot recently about the fact that everyone seems to make new year promises. Do you? If so, what is yours? I first thought that I am not going to make any promises, but have second thoughts now… But am not so sure what it is that I would like to promise to myself. I am anyway trying to eat healthy, be conscious about products that I use that they are environmentally as good as possible, I try to avoid consuming too much – meaning every time I buy something I consider if I REALLY need it or not or is it just something that makes me happy at that MOMENT, or does it actually make me happy for longer. I try to exercise regularly. I avoid eating meat. I try to keep my weight where it is. I try making my close family happy every day. Including cats and dogs and horses. So, what else is there to promise about? I try to be my best every day of the year, so…. isn’t that the best anyone can do? 😉

I think the better question would be what are my dreams for this year? Those I have a few.

1. Get pregnant. Easier said that done, unfortunately.

2. See more of my friends, especially those who live abroad.

3. Take my husband to Finland to meet my grandmother, again, as my grandmother is wonderful and I really miss her. And my mum and sisters. And the rest of the family.

4. Buy a cottage in Finland. This might not happen soon but is one of my biggest dreams.

5. One day, perhaps not this year yet, would love to have my own horse.

6. Decide which country we want to live our rest of lives in, and buy a house from there. Or perhaps just stay where we are. 🙂

7. Grow a vegetable garden.

… hmmmm big dreams! What are yours?

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